Expert SQL Server and Oracle Consulting Services
Our ADsql DB experts deliver best-in-class consulting services.

Whether you are looking to design a new database system, to optimize the performance of your existing application, or to conduct a scalability review of your database architecture, our team of experts is available to help.

Our database experts have experience in wide array of industries from banking and insurance to healthcare and government agencies. Our consulting projects range from simple and small internal databases to complex distributed financial applications that store terabytes of data.


We offer flexible consulting services options. Our team of remote DBA experts can help you meet your business objectives: whether we are providing your organization with an end-to-end solution or offering you a detailed and tailored answer to a specific question.

Are you looking for a quick answer to a specific question? Our hourly packages are flexible. You can begin with our short 3-hour “Ask an expert” consulting option where we can help you weigh the pros and cons of an upcoming decision or step your team through a particular problem.

End-to-End Database Solutions

Are you looking to design a new database application?

Do you need to develop a new database application but are not sure where to begin? The foundation of a reliable database application is a solid architectural blueprint. Our database experts can work with your team to develop the optimal database design to meet your business requirements. Upon completion of the consulting engagement, you will have a complete database schema, ready for implementation.

Are you looking to solve a complex database problem?

Have you come across a database problem that seems unsolvable? This can be the development of a new daily process that requires import of hundreds of millions of records into your system without taking your database offline. Or perhaps you are looking to engineer a self-learning matching algorithm to enable more efficient data mining. Our database solution architects have deep expertise in advanced database techniques and can help identify an efficient solution to your most complex database problem.

Get a second opinion on your existing database architecture

Database architecture review is one of the most common types of consulting engagements we undertake. Our comprehensive review covers all aspects of architecture design from the details of data types used and database schema to the overall system architecture and environment configuration. At the end of our review, we present a detailed written report fully evaluating your existing database architecture.

Supplement your existing DBA team with additional resources

Do you feel overstretched with the demands of new database development and maintenance projects? If so, you may benefit from offloading certain specific database-related tasks to one of our teams. For example, you may have a new application module that needs to be integrated with the rest of your database code base or you may be looking to reengineer one of your reporting databases. We can help you both define the task details and implement the project so that you can maintain your focus on your other critical initiatives.

Implement migrations from legacy systems and version upgrades

Are you planning a project to finally migrate one of your legacy applications? Are you looking to upgrade to the new version of Oracle or SQL Server this year? We have completed hundreds of legacy system migration and version upgrade projects. We apply this experience to ensure that the migration is smooth and that your business is uninterrupted. When completing a major version upgrade, we verify complete compatibility of all aspects of your database application before deployment.

Does your application have a disaster recovery plan in place?

Based on your needs, we work with you to custom design a scalable, high-performance system that helps achieve your business goals. We then leverage our database performance optimization expertise to put measures in place to ensure that your database performs optimally over time. We fully test the new database and then package the solution for deployment. We work with you as a partner and are always available for future updates and changes as desired.

Performance Tuning and Scalability Planning

Eliminate “Black Box”: know the true performance of your database application

On the surface, your database systems may appear to be running smoothly. But every hour, new data is added and changes are made. It is not uncommon for these incremental changes to significantly impact the underlying performance characteristics of your system over time and ultimately lead to sudden performance degradation or slowdown. To eliminate this hidden “Black Box” problem, we can help you establish processes for monitoring and trending key database performance metrics so that you can analyze numerous “what if” scenarios proactively.

Accelerate your database performance by 40-80%

The database lies at the heart of today’s enterprises. Database performance can have a dramatic impact on operational efficiency, customer experience, and ultimately your bottom line. Even slight gains in application performance typically have an immediate return on investment. In most cases, using our advanced yet highly streamlined performance optimization techniques, we have been able to dramatically increase the performance of customers’ database. Average improvement is 40-80%. Notably, such gains are usually the result of a few targeted application code and schema optimizations rather than significant architectural changes.

More powerful hardware is not always the answer

When performance issues occur in database applications, often the initial reaction is to purchase and add more hardware power to the system. Unfortunately, a hardware upgrade is not always the solution. The performance issues related to database applications fall into different categories. Simply adding more CPU processing power, a faster disk drive, or more memory may not always improve system performance. Our Oracle Remote DBA and Microsoft SQL Server database experts analyze your database application performance, and recommend specific hardware upgrades only if they are warranted.

Will your database scale as your business grows?

When reviewing the architecture of a database application, one of the most difficult questions to answer is how a particular design will respond to increases in the number of database records and concurrent transactions. Most database applications have nonlinear performance characteristics. We use advanced tools and deterministic methods to comprehensively analyze all aspects of the scalability of your database application. Our reports can give you an accurate measure of the degree of your database system’s scalability.

Start your performance analysis with a database health check

ADsql provides database health checks for Oracle and SQL Server that help you pinpoint and resolve issues before they become critical. Over the years we have put together comprehensive checklists that cover database configuration, environment setup, hardware configuration, and database best practices. The process is simple and takes just several hours per database application server and can be conducted remotely. The result – you get both a complete written report about your database with specific recommendations along with an expert consultation.

High Availability and Disaster Recovery (DR) Planning for Oracle and SQL Server

End-to-end enterprise database design and development

Database failures and unplanned database downtimes can have devastating consequences for your business. A well-designed high-availability solution and a documented disaster recovery plan can mitigate the risks of hardware or network failures, including data loss or downtime. In both Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server, there are multiple technologies available to implement database redundancy and failover. We can help you choose and implement the optimal and the most cost-efficient high availability solution and disaster recovery plan.

Hassle-Free Process to Get Started

What you can expect when you call us

When you call our consulting team, you can be sure that you will speak with a technical solutions manager and that you won’t waste time talking to a salesperson. The conversation will begin with discussing your current needs or problems you are seeing within your database environment. We will strive to answer all of your technical questions and begin to outline possible strategic approaches.

Our goal is to present a broad set of options so that you can make an informed decision.

No long terms contracts.

From the start, we offer you a complete set of options based on the structure of the consulting engagement. In all cases, we never require long-term contracts.

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