Our Guarantee

We guarantee a performance improvement of at least 40%

We stand behind our work. For every problematic query you approve for us to optimize, we guarantee at least a 40% improvement in query performance or the optimization is free. Please note that in most cases, we can get your queries to run 5x or 10x faster and consume a fraction of current resources.

Be confident in your server’s scalability

We give you peace of mind that your server will scale. When we do performance analysis, not only do we review current performance issues, but we also look at the potential for such problems to occur in the future– in the form of bottlenecks that may escalate into real problems. During the database tuning process, we analyze the limitations of your application and optimize for maximum capacity of your database server. At the end of our process, we deliver to you a complete set of scripts for all proposed changes and a benchmark report quantifying the impact of these optimizations on current performance and future scalability.

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