Performance Tuning

Why is My Database Slow?

To make your server run faster, you first need to know the source of your performance bottlenecks.

Before you begin the optimization process, you need to know the source of your performance bottlenecks. This is why we have developed our comprehensive Pre-Optimization Healthcheck, a service that utilizes our Optimization Lab to give you full insight into the current state of your SQL Server performance. This insight will tell you exactly what is currently causing slowdowns, what is causing high resource utilization, and what is limiting factor to your future database application scalability.

Advantages of using our Pre-Optimization Healthcheck

Targeted optimization saves time and money when compared to traditional “blind” and “trial-and-error” optimization approaches. Many successful Fortune 500 companies have integrated our Pre-Optimization Healthcheck reports into their application lifecycle process to proactively identify areas to target for performance tuning.

You can use our pre-optimization analysis to get the most from SQL Server tuning and to avoid wasting development resources. Before you optimize, let us quantify the potential for your current system and map out what needs to be done to achieve maximum performance now and maximum stability in the future.

Your pre-optimization health check saved us at least $25,000 as we were able to avoid a major code re-write recommended by our outside vendor. It turned out that all of our performance issues were related to just 4 queries. Needless to say, your pre-optimization health check report is worth every penny!

Philip Walker,
Director of Technology, OpenGate Care.

Performance optimization and 80/20 rule

Performance optimization follows the 80/20 rule. With respect to performance optimization, it turns out that usually 20% of problematic queries and database objects are responsible for 80% of database application slowdowns. In fact, with most systems, this percentage is closer to 5%. Our Pre-Optimization Healthcheck pinpoints the most problematic queries that cause the largest performance problems and isolates your performance issues down to code and object level.

Isolate your issues down to code and object level

Isolate your performance issues down to code and object level.  Our comprehensive Pre-Optimization Healthcheck analyzes patterns of system behavior and pinpoints the root cause of your database system problems down to the code and object level.

Receive your written healthcheck report in 24 hours

The Pre-Optimization Healthcheck provides you with a database optimization strategy and the most effective optimization targets at a code and object level.  From there, your team will be able to make the necessary changes or you can use Optimization Lab to optimize the system for you.

Pre-Optimization Healthcheck highlights

  • Identify the most problematic database objects and code affecting system performance
  • Evaluate indexing, review CPU usage, cache hits ratio and other relevant statistics
  • Monitor for locking and for wait events
  • Target tuning strategy to get the highest ROI on SQL Server Optimization spend
  • Learn whether desired achievements can be gained without purchasing new hardware

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