Ls_Restore job failed every-time when executed through job throws error “Executed as user: Domain\UserAccount. The step failed.”

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Implementation: Configure Log shipping in SQL server 2016.

Scenario: Today I have faced very strange issue while configuring log shipping in SQL server 2016 standard edition.

The prerequisites for configuring log shipping were already been taken care.

  1. The backup log job (ls_backup) was happening as per its schedule.
  2. Copy job, copying TRN file to DR server with issue
  3. Here comes ls_restore job, this job was failing continuously when it was being from ls_restore job and throwing   “Executed as user: Domain\UserAccount. The step failed.” every time.
  4. I rechecked log shipping prerequisites ,verify logins and its rights everything but no luck

Infrastructure: Log shipping between SQL server 2016 standard edition.


1.SQL server 2016 requires .NET framework 4.2 as the prerequisites It was already there.Mostly people think that If you have .NET 4.2 that fine.

2. But here for log shipping it is require to have .NET 3.5 features enabled as well for the backward compatibility.

3.Install .NET framework 3.5 on DR server restart DR server and now let the ls_restore job run with its schedule time.

4.Now you will see that the log shipping will be running fine with no issue further.

This was really strange issue, since it is recommended to have .NET 3.5 enabled on server whether you already have 4.2 framework installed.

Hope this will help few DBAs who can come across with such issue “Executed as user: Domain\UserAccount. The step failed.”