PowerShell –SQL Automate Tutorial-9

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Scenario: PS is most powerful and very helpful tool for windows and SQL server administrator and automation. So its today need to learn at least basic of some PS cmdlets.

In this series of tutorial, we will only walk through some of the basis and need to know cmdlets which will helps us in future in order to manage our SQL server.

For more details, you can google and look for good site.

Note:- Please click here to get 8th part of PowerShell –SQL Automate tutorial.

To get more information about PowerShell cmdlets, you can refer this link.

In this tutorial, we will try to develop a PowerShell code to display SQL services status and save the result either in .TXT(non-formatted) or CSV (Formatted) output.

Here is the code for the same, you can even do more interactive required stuffs.

$ServerList = ("Machine-PC")
#Write-host Server Name Is $ServerList
If (Test-Connection -ComputerName $ServerList -Quiet -ErrorAction Stop)

#write-host 'Test Connection Successful!' 
$CSVPath=New-Item -path D:\Established_SQL_Servers_status.csv -Force
$SQLServicesStatusList=get-service | Where-Object {($_.Name -match 'SQL')} |Select-Object $ServerList,Name,status | export-csv $CSVPath -NoTypeInformation
#$SQLServicesStatusList | export-csv $CSVPath
#Set-Content D:\Established_SQL_Servers_status.csv $SQLServicesStatusList -Force


#Write-Host 'Catch loop is working'
Add-Content D:\Unavailable-Servers.txt $ServerList

Download this working PS script from below location https://app.box.com/s/bo4ceu4ca9hbedu2ylb6nkkjlbl293md


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