Get ping result of multiple server into SQL table

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Implementation: How to get ping result of multiple servers into SQL table.

Scenario: Lets say you manage multiple DB servers solely and in your day to day monitoring activities list,you have to first check all server running status by pinging them.

So how will you achieve this??

will you ping all servers individually and manually or would you like to have the simple and sweet query that will done your work automatically  even from a single server.

So here I come with the query which will do this.

Infrastructure:The below query/procedure has been run/tested successfully on sql server 2005,2008,2008 R2 and 2012.


Mostly DBAs spend their tectonic times on doing pining the DB servers in daily monitoring activities.

As per the demand of some of my colleague,I have made a query which makes this task automate.

kindly go through the below link and download the scripts and test it in your own environment.

  • Output will be look like as the below screen shot.


  • Enjoy..
  • This is how you can ping result of multiple server into SQL table.
  • Please do comments when you find this useful or any suggestion on the same will be highly accepted.