PowerShell –SQL Automate Tutorial-2

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Scenario: PS is most powerful and very helpful tool for windows and SQL server administrator and automation. So its today need to learn at least basic of some PS cmdlets.

Note:- Please click here to get 1st part of PowerShell –SQL Automate tutorial.

In today’s tutorial, we will learn about help cmdlet of PowerShell.

After the help files are installed, you can use the Get-Help cmdlet to display the help topics. You can also use the Update-Help cmdlet to download updated help files so that your local help files are always up-to-date.

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The Get-Help cmdlet displays help at the command line from content in
help files on your computer. Without help files, Get-Help displays basic
help about cmdlets and functions. You can also use Get-Help to display
online help for cmdlets and functions.

To get help for a cmdlet, type:

    Get-Help <cmdlet-name>

You can also do online search for the cmdlet using commnad below

Get-Help <cmdlet-name> -Online

Load Powershell Module:

You can load required module in Powershell for example here we will see how to load module for SQL server so that once it is loaded, we can use these modules to administrating SQL server.

Before this, lets see list of available module for PowerShell.

Install the SQL Server PowerShell module:

Please follow Microsoft Link for installing SQL server PowerShell Module.

Happy Learning!

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