User Domain\User Account does not have required permissions error while migrating reports from one server to another server

Below is the error which I faced at one of my client while migrating SQL server reports from one server to another server.


  • While migrating SQL server reports from one server to another server faced the below user permission error.


Issue Reported:

  • While Migrating reports from one sql server to another server the Domain\user permission error thrown.


  • The old SQL server had twelve reports which needed to be deployed on new SQL server.While migrating reports from one server to another server,we open the project solutions  from BI which were containing the whole twelve reports.
  • Once solution opened in BI,then rebuild and deployment done successfully.
  • But while opening reports from Internet Explorer we got the error ‘User doen not have required permissions.Verify that sufficient permissions have been granted and Windows User Account Control(UAC) restrictions have been addressed’.


1.Right click on Internet explorer and open it with ‘run as administrator’

2.Open the reports server URL here.



3.Go to setting and add new assignment

4.Add the user for which you getting the permission error.

5.Give it to appropriate permissions(system admin).

6.Now simply open the Internet explorer.Here you will be able to see the deployed reports.


But while opening the reports you may get the data source error.

1.So make sure that each reports belong to the correct data source by going in to the security option of the reports one by one.

  • This is how you can resolve when you face the issue described above.
  • Please do comments when you find this useful or any suggestion on the same will be highly accepted.